Hello all!

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Hello all!

Postby neurotivity » 20 Mar 2014, 20:59

Hello all, I live in Salt Lake City, UT and have been a saltwater aquarium hobbyist since the age of 12. Jellyfish have recently became a great interest of mine which led me to purchase the Pulse aquarium. It just recently arrived and I must say that I'm quite impressed with the design and I'm quite eager to begin the maturing process.

The only issue that I'm running into, is coming up with an idea for a stand to place the unit on. I live in a condo so my space is pretty limited. Ideally what I'm searching for is a lower stand that is similar to the dimensions of the aquarium. Preferably 27" long 26-28" tall and 11-15" wide.

I really like the stand design used in the rendering below.

http://cubicaquarium.com/wp-content/plu ... =400&q=100

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hello all!

Postby Cubic » 22 Mar 2014, 03:23

Hi Neurotivity

Glad to hear you like the aquarium! We haven't come up with a stand for the tank yet although this is something which is also on our to-do list. Keep up posted with what you decide to use for your stand, we would be very interested to see how the tank looks when situated.

We do have plans to design a stand allowing you to incorporate a chiller but we don't have one at this time i'm sorry.
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