Pulse 80

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Pulse 80

Postby Hull stingray » 19 Jul 2014, 19:24

Hello everybody
I have a chance of a pulse 80 with 8 moon jellies . The tank has been running for 3/4 months can I transport home and set it all up or could there be a cycle with it all been disturbed. Any advice would be great
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Re: Pulse 80

Postby Cubic » 22 Jul 2014, 09:21

If you keep the media from the filter tower wet and if possible even keep the same saltwater or use old saltwater from an existing saltwater aquarium you should be fine. You may notice a little bit of instability/algae growth in the short term but I doubt there will be much at all.

Make sure the filter tower is not in place when you transport the tank because there can snap off if the tank knocked and not full of water. Let us know how it goes and make sure you post some photos :clap:
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