Hi from London

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Hi from London

Postby ak1 » 07 Nov 2015, 12:44

Hi I have just purchased the cubic pulse 80 and have a few questions,

Could you use a ph. buffer to get a suitable PH?

My tank temperature is about 20 to 21 is that okay? Is that to warm for the moonfish or to cold for spotted loogan ?

The jellies that need photosynthesis can you recommend lighting I can use to keep them?


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Re: Hi from London

Postby Cubic » 10 Nov 2015, 10:39

Hi AK1

What is your current pH? If you are using a good quality marine salt you should not have to buffer your water. It should naturally sit between 7.8 and 8.4. We recommend Red Sea salt if it is available in your area.

A water temperature of 20-21°C is fine for most strains of moon jellyfish. Spotted Lagoon jellyfish would normally be found in temperatures about 24-28°C so this is a bit cold for them. I believe they will still grow at 20°C but at a much slower rate because their metabolism will be slower.

There are quite a lot of small, powerful reef aquarium lights which are designed to keep photosynthetic corals. Most of these would be fine to mount over a Pulse 80 in order to keep photosynthetic jellyfish. Here are some of the most well known units:

http://ecotechmarine.com/products/radio ... -xr15w-pro
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