Regards from Finland

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Regards from Finland

Postby Firebay » 23 Aug 2018, 08:02

Hello all,

I have been interested to take jellyfish (Atlantic Sea Nettle) as a pet for a while. It all started when I saw randomly photo at Google image search of cool, another branded than cubic, small tank picture with Moon Jellyfishes in it, just few weeks ago.

Soon after inspecting and resourcing jellyfishes as pet online, I thought Atlantic Sea Nettle would be even more magical and mystical (and interesting to follow (watch) and keep (than Moon Jellyfish)). Obviously they should be placed minimum to Cubic Pulse 80, which would be cool aquarium to our home deco too.

I think Cubic Orbit 20 has so tiny amount of water that it requires "24/7 care", and even one failure will cause death to the jellyfishes and maybe isn't the easiest choose.

Now I am considering Jelly as a pet. I think its good to take some time before purchase decision to educate myself about this spiece and its requirements but as well study what does the jelly really require for me. At some point I found myself at this forum reading threads.

We don't have any retailer here, and I am not sure if anyone has bought jellyfishes to Finland yet. There is not too much advisers on the street about this topic.. But I found one retailer at Czech Republic who can make shipment to Finland. They said that also jelly can be sent from Czech Republic to Finland within overnight and alive.

This all causes lots of costs :crazy: , so before I could buy the tank, which is quite expensive too, I try to find lots of information about everything to be sure that I am capable to keep the jellys alive and I have answers in my head if something starts go wrong.

From Youtube I learned that reverse osmotic filtration should be done to the tap water before salting it for aquarium. Here i saw that actual sea water should be used. (1) Please advice.

(2)If doing aquarium water from tap water which has been filtered osmotic reverse, how long it stays good in sealed bucket? (3)Do I need to buy bubler to the bucket or not. (4) Will it stock enough H2o? (5) Or does it matter?

I am thinking about weekly or every another week (2 times /month) water changes to 87 litter tank, so i need lots of water continuously, (6) in what periods I need to make (filter+mix salt) it?

Jellyfishes needs to be fed 1-2 times a day. (7) Is there any auto-feeder systems yet and which food can be auto fed. Lets think situation of weekend holiday
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