Flame Jellyfish and/or Amakusa

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Flame Jellyfish and/or Amakusa

Postby Carsten72 » 20 Oct 2014, 09:21

Hi there,

I am getting a Pulse 80 these days and are wondering, if I can keep Flame Jellys or Amakusa Jellys in it.

Do you have any experience, how is their lifespan and level of maintenance compared to moon Jellies?

Best regards

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Re: Flame Jellyfish and/or Amakusa

Postby Cubic » 21 Oct 2014, 05:02

Hi Carsten

Flow wise you can keep almost any species of jellyfish in our Pulse 80, the only restriction will be the size of some of the larger species. This video was posted up today on Youtube showing some Amakusa jellies in one of our Pulse 80 aquariums.

You can feed Amakusa jellies on chopped squid and mussel. They have quite a powerful sting and will actually kill and eat live fish! More information can be found about Amakusa jellies here.

Flame jellies will also do well in a Pulse 80 and should be fed a mixture of live baby artemia and cubic jellyfish food (if it is available in your area). More info can be found on them here.
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