Mastigias papua

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Mastigias papua

Postby Carsten72 » 27 Oct 2014, 10:27


I have one question - I read that there have been some Mastigias papua held in the Pulse 80.

In the literature I find that they are very much photosynthetic and need full spectrum light. Do you share that experience - or is it similar to the Blue blubber?

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Re: Mastigias papua

Postby Cubic » 28 Oct 2014, 14:58

Mastigias are photosynthetic but they don't seem to need a huge amount of light to grow. A small LED designed for a planted tank seems to be fine and they can even go periods (still experimenting with this) with no light as long as they are well fed.

If you are planning on keeping them in a Pulse 80 you should remove the lid and ad some extra light. As long as you do this they should be fine. We have actually found they grow very quickly!
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