The usual questions...

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The usual questions...

Postby kcbugs » 16 Dec 2015, 12:52

Hi all,

I'll start with my setup.

Jellyflap Aquarium
2 (formerly 3) Moon Jellies
25% water change twice weekly
80% water change monthly

Most recent water quality results:
8.0 ph
<0.25 ppm ammonia
0 ppm nitrite
10-20ppm nitrate

While the numbers are looking good now, I had struggled from the beginning to keep nitrates below 80ppm. I was following the suggested regimen 20% weekly water changes, and monthly 50% water changes. After 2 months, I noticed that the jellies were shrinking very noticeably, and called the vendor (JFA) to get some help. They are very good at trying their best to help, and after some time, the suggestion was to basically start over.

I did a complete emptying/scrubbing/overhaul of my tank, and have been performing my tasks as above for the past month and a half or so.

Feeding was the vendor's own granule food. It was suggested by JFA that I hatch brine shrimp and feed them as they don't foul the water as bad, and are just overall better nutrition anyway. Hatching BBS isn't as easy as it sounds I've found. It's certainly a simple process, it just takes way more time than I really have to give. So, I hatch BBS over the weekend, and just feed for a few days, then supplement with other food as needed. Besides the granule food from JFA, I've tried Cyclops, rotifers, a bottled baby brine shrimp, and Cubic's jellyfish food. Of all the foods, the JFA pellets, and Cubic food seem to be ingested more than any of the rest. I do vacuum the unused food from the floor of the aquarium every morning, and I flush the filter media at the monthly water change to wash out the rotting food material.

Initially, the jellies were 2 med, 1 small. The 2 medium were around 2.5" diameter, and the small one was about 1.5" diameter. One of the larger ones inverted, and no matter how much I tried to "right" him, he just kept getting worse, so I put him out of his misery. At the time of his passing, he was about 1" in diameter. The leftover larger one is about 3/4" in diameter (was 2.5) and the smaller is about 1/2" (was 1.5"). Despite the shrinking, they are swimming well, and seem to be otherwise ok. I'm hoping my new maintenance regimen will do something to extend their lives. I realize that moon jellies don't have a very long lifespan to begin with, but I do not enjoy seeing them deteriorate.

In all of this, and reading on various forums, visiting local aquarium shops, asking advice of saltwater fish keepers, I've found very few success stories, and mostly complaints not too different than what I'm experiencing. Perhaps successful keepers have no questions, and just don't post much on forums?

Have I figured it out, or will I still have issues? Are there successful jelly keepers with setups similar to mine? Advice? Is there more info I could offer to get better diagnosis? Is there another food item you have found better? I really want to get this right. The jellies are incredibly beautiful, and are great stress reducers when they are healthy.

Thanks for any help!!
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