Caring for wild caught jelly fish

This section is dedicated to keeping Jellyfish in an aquarium. Dr. T is a specialist in marine plankton and he will be happy to help with any of your jellyfish questions.

Caring for wild caught jelly fish

Postby ppnewaskar » 09 May 2016, 02:00

I was at a beach this weekend (Pacific NW) and saw some small jelly fishes swimming around in large numbers. I caught just some of them (5 to be precise). Most of them are a half an inch to 1.5 inches and look like this ( ... Aurita.jpg). Only one is 3 inches long and look like this ( ... enov12.jpg) I had a glass jar and now I put them in it with the sea water I caught them with. I want to make them live as long as possible with minimal or no spending (< 10$ a month). I want to do this as a challenge, before I get into buying some serious jellyfishes and a good tank. Any help and suggestions are welcome. I am looking for answers like what to feed them and what kind of DIY environment set up I can provide them.
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