Blubber Jellies

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Blubber Jellies

Postby Muhtoka » 04 Aug 2016, 05:02

Hey everyone - so sorry if this is a repost,

I am brand spankin' new to this forum and I am super excited. I used to have a kick butt nano tank years back that I loved and ran with the help of my reef loving mom, but as an adult I've gotten really into the idea of housing jellies.

I have heard a lot of mixed messages about blubber jellies and I would like to know everyone's opinions and advice.I am getting a blue blubber jelly delivered on Tuesday. I have done a pretty good amount of research but there isn't a whole lot I've learned about blubbers specifically. I know they like the water a bit warmer (72-82) and that they are super active and (so I've heard) really hard to keep alive longer than a couple of months. I thrive for a challenge and am really hoping you guys can help me out. I also learned that they like a more reef-like light set up, but I am unsure how to add reef-like lighting to the round tank...

Anyways, if there is interest I will keep lots of updates and would love any and all advice, tips and tricks.

Thanks everyone!
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