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Flattening bell, retracted tentacles and shrinking

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2016, 18:07
by 32jj32
I am having problems with my jellyfish that I have had for over a month now. They looked really healthy for the first few weeks. Now I am noticing that their tentacles are getting shorter and their bells appear to be flattening out and I have no clue why. I've tried everything I could think of! My tank was cycled before I added the jellyfish. My last testing showed:
Salinity - 32.5ppt
pH - 8-8.2
Temp - 70 degrees f
Ammonia and nitrite - 0ppm
Nitrate - 40ppm then I do a 50% water change weekly to bring it down to 20ppm

Two things to note. First, I've been using API Proper pH 8.2 to keep the pH more stabilized. Is this necessary and could it be possible that this product is causing problems for the jellyfish? Second, when I received my jellyfish I tested the water and noticed they keep it around 26ppt where I keep mine at 32ppt. Is my salinity too high and causing problems? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Flattening bell, retracted tentacles and shrinking

PostPosted: 07 Jan 2017, 15:45
by Zkittlez
I never use ph up or down with jellys always reacted badly in my opinion , I'd stop using it. Add an air stone to the filter keeping bubbles away from pump that will sort your ph issue . Keep the salt at 32ppt and ensure you feed them a variety of food.

Re: Flattening bell, retracted tentacles and shrinking

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2017, 18:30
by 32jj32
Thanks for your response. I've always been skeptical about the pH adjusters because they change the pH rapidly. But to me its better than letting the pH get way too low. I've now been using it more regularly in tiny doses. My tank already has a bubbler in the filter compartment.

After posting this I sent an email and got a response from a marine biologist specializing in jellyfish. He told me that my problem was that I was feeding too much with the dried powdered food. I took the feeding down to 1/2 scoop of the dried food once a day and starting hatching my own bring shrimp to supplement. Now my jellyfish look healthy again and it didn't take long for them to bounce back! It seems counter intuitive to feed less when they are shrinking, but it fixed the problems I was having. Just wanted to share in case someone else is having these same issues.