Not pulsing and rounding out

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Not pulsing and rounding out

Postby 32jj32 » 14 Feb 2017, 19:15

Hello everyone,

I am having problems again. This time I have no idea whats going on. Last week I suddenly noticed that my jellyfish stopped pulsing completely. So I tested the water and everything seemed to be perfect. Since then I also noticed their bells are shrinking around the edge and getting more round almost like a ball. Just today I noticed that they all have holes on the bottom of the bell in the middle of all their stomachs. So I'm thinking it has to do with some bad food that I fed them. Lately I've just been strictly feeding them freshly hatched brine shrimp. I did notice that when I fed the last batch of brine shrimp that there was some cloudy material in the solution with the brine shrimp. Could rotten food cause this issue? Any other ideas on what might be going on?
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Re: Not pulsing and rounding out

Postby 32jj32 » 23 Feb 2017, 18:00

Update: I have not heard back from anyone on this issue which makes me think something weird is going on. The jellyfish still aren't pulsing but are still taking in food somehow. Just today it looks like they are starting to fall apart. Testing is still showing that all water parameters are in a perfect range. Is this what happens when jellyfish die of old age?
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Re: Not pulsing and rounding out

Postby Bakesalee » 01 Mar 2017, 08:12

Could you take a few photos?

-What is the pH?
-Did you make any changes whatsoever (water changes, etc.)? If not, when's the last time you did?
-What's the salinity of your tank water? What's the salinity of the "fresh" water that you add during water changes? The tank must not deviate over 3 points in salinity before/after change (example 1.027 to 1.024 would be the most extreme change)
-How many PPM of Nitrate?
-What's the temperature of the tank water? Is the temperature stable in your house all day long?
-Approximately how many days ago was it that your jellies looked healthy, before this?
-When you make water changes, what percentage of the water do you change?
-Do you have an air pump?
-What do you feed them? How long has this supply been in use? If liquid (Reef Nutrition), is it kept refrigerated?
-Is the speed of the water movement too fast?
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