Jellys and friends!

This section is dedicated to keeping Jellyfish in an aquarium. Dr. T is a specialist in marine plankton and he will be happy to help with any of your jellyfish questions.

Jellys and friends!

Postby Mstever » 04 Mar 2017, 12:08

I have a quick questionand cant seem to find any
info on the subject. I have a basic Jellyfish tank bought online. It the one from jellyfish art. I believe its the nano.
From my understanding any extra food should be suspended for consumption and if theres alot left on the bottom for a prolonged amount of time then I'm over feeding them. Now that aside, would it be possible to put anything in the tank to help eat the extra food. What I really had in mind was a sea sponge. Would they be to abrasive on my jellys? Thanks for the help and I apologise if this has already been covered in a previous thread. :crazy:
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