Help jellies disintegrating

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Help jellies disintegrating

Postby lindatford » 05 Apr 2018, 22:26

Hi I have 4 moon jellies in an orbic20 tank. I have been feeding them only live food (enrinched baby brine pouches) and they have been happy and healthy. However no food was delivered for 5 days due to Easter so I fed them Medusa jellyfish food. Within hours the jellies started developing holes in their bells. I cleaned tank removing all food and did a partial water change (less than 10%) to replace water lost when removing debris. I tested levels for PH Amonia Nitrates etc and all results were within usual levels. However it has now been 24 hours and deterioration is rapid. All jellies have multiple holes / tears and bodies are disintegrating. They are still pulsing but I’m really worried and don’t know what to do to save them. Please help!
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