square belling

Unfortunately little is known about jellyfish disease. We regularly see jellies with very specific disease symptoms in our breeding system so we set up this forum section to share what we have learned.

square belling

Postby nonamethefish » 05 Apr 2014, 18:29

Does anyone know what causes this to happen? Rather than keep a circular outline the jelly will collapse somewhat usually folding more along one of the rhopalia-giving the jelly a hexagonal or square profile from above as it pulses. My best guess is lack of food/malnutrition but I am curious if anyone else has noticed this before.
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Re: square belling

Postby Cubic » 15 Apr 2014, 09:04

Do you have any photographs of what you mean?

If its the symptoms I am thinking of its caused by a hole or some damage to the jellyfish's bell when its a juvenile which heals up. The damaged area is weaker then the surrounding tissue causing the bell to fold down one of its radial canals as the jellyfish grows. We have seen tanks of 100+ jellies which all had holes in their bells caused by a bacterial infection. The holes cleared up but after a few weeks/months they all developed creases in their bells similar to what you have described.

Does this sound similar to the symptoms you have seen?
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