Radial folds In Jellyfish Bell

Unfortunately little is known about jellyfish disease. We regularly see jellies with very specific disease symptoms in our breeding system so we set up this forum section to share what we have learned.

Radial folds In Jellyfish Bell

Postby Cubic » 30 Mar 2012, 06:00

Adult moon jellyfish showing radial fold in bell 1
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Adult moon jellyfish showing radial fold in bell 2
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Radial creases or folds in the jellyfish bell.

This condition can be caused by previous damage to the jellyfish bell which has healed but left a weak point in the mesoglea. We have found malnutrition can also cause these symptoms.

Once this condition has appeared we have found it to be irreversible. To prevent it you should avoid letting the jellyfish become damaged. We have also found a mixed and varied diet can help prevent these symptoms.
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