General Jellyfish Disintegration and Damage

Unfortunately little is known about jellyfish disease. We regularly see jellies with very specific disease symptoms in our breeding system so we set up this forum section to share what we have learned.

General Jellyfish Disintegration and Damage

Postby Cubic » 30 Mar 2012, 10:01

Holes in the bell epidermis and damage to the bell margin.

This condition can be caused by various factors. Poor water quality and sharp or abrasive objects in the tank are the usual candidates.Other possibilities include:
    Poor diet
    Poorly adjusted flow (causing the jellies to come into contact with the tank walls)
    Parasites (amphipods, parasitic flatworms)
    Fouling organisms (hydroids, polyps)
    General old age

Check water quality, salinity and temperature. Check for sharp or abrasive objects in the tank. Check for parasites or fouling organisms.
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