An introduction to diseases seen in moon jellyfish

Unfortunately little is known about jellyfish disease. We regularly see jellies with very specific disease symptoms in our breeding system so we set up this forum section to share what we have learned.

An introduction to diseases seen in moon jellyfish

Postby Cubic » 28 Nov 2012, 14:31

Holes in the bell
This is generally caused by excess bacteria in the tank, normally due to feeding enriched foods high in HUFAs and other oily substances.

Oral arms dropping off
We put this down to ammonia burn because we have seen this happen to shipments of jellies that have remained in the bags for too long where they have built up high levels of ammonia in the water. Its possible other things could cause this.

Jellies stop pulsing, go very flat
This is generally down to poor nutrition and can be reversed with feeding of good quality foods

Jellyfish Bells Invert (turn inside out)
I think this is often due to stability, either temp, pH or salinity. This generally can’t be reversed

Jellies curl at the edge of their bells
We aren’t sure what causes this, we have seen it sometimes and there is no obvious explanation. I put it down to something missing form their dies but it could just as likely be poor or unstable water quality.

Knotted tentacles
Not sure about this one, have seen it from time to time and but have no real explanation

Stomachs falling out
This can sometime happen if there is a large clump of food stuck in the jellyfish’s stomach that is can not break down. The jellyfish will generally heal from this and carry on with one less stomach. It is worth noting that the stomach should be removed from the tank asap, other jellies can catch the bits of stomach and the stomach will digest holes in them.

Radial folds in jellyfish bell
This generally starts as a small hole in the bell caused by either bacteria, food stuck in the radial canals or physical trauma. As the jellyfish grows it is left with a weak point in its bell which collapses and causes a fold in the bell.

Jellyfish turning into a ball
Not sure about this one, have seen it from time to time and but have no real explanation
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