Cubic Pulse 80 Gen 2 My Story & Feedback

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Cubic Pulse 80 Gen 2 My Story & Feedback

Postby Slewrock » 19 Jul 2016, 07:41

I've had a rough go with my new purchase and it all started with the unboxing. There was a loose piece of acrylic floating around in the sump section that I didn't really pay attention to.

Little did I know that this dislodged small piece would lead to a huge domino effect of problems that has set me back enough to easily buy a new Pulse 160!

The little piece of acrylic supports the water pump plumbing, which is important because when you hand tighten the pvc unions, the potential movement of all pipes, fittings, and unions is eliminated.

After filling the tank and turning it on, I noticed a small leak below the Syncra pump intake fitting (part that looks like a quarter from the side).

I emailed Cubic and the Seller, and was told that it might've been a rubber washer issue. I replaced the washer and it was still leaking. I then bought a new Syncra pump on Amazon and had the same issue. I was then told to tighten the middle union, which is when the unthinkable happened. Both the acrylic leads to the sump tank snapped clean off, and a gallon + of salt water baptized my wood flooring.

I bought a bunch of acrylic tubing, acrylic welding solution, sanding pads, pvc pipes, pvc fittings, dremel bits, shop vac hose attachments, new pvc fittings, new syncra pump, aquarium safe glue, reinstalled the leads

....and had the same thing happened again.

For my next act, I bought some bulkheads and decided to do away with the U shaped design that the tank came with. I got an external canister pump/filter, nylon tubing, and some clamps. This has been working for me since.

Now, my main concern/issue is that the tank itself doesn't seem to be clearing debris so well. I have great water flow, but it seems like all of the leftover food ends up in the front left corner and at the bottom of the gap between the tank and the sump

I also cannot put the Weir Flow Reducer on without water spilling EVERYWHERE, which is really annoying.

The LED's on my tank went out and Cubic was kind enough to help me get a new set which I appreciated.

A few days ago I noticed a an unusual stream of water squirting from the top of the water return pipe, which doesn't seem normal.

Now, you may be asking yourselves....why didn't you return the tank when it arrived or when you started having major issues? I live in NYC and the tank arrived from California about a month after I ordered it. Since I didn't have the original packaging anymore, I didn't feel comfortable shipping it across the country to get fixed and then having it sent all the way back with a new bag of issues.

Ironically, this has been a super stressful experience for something I invested in to create a more calm, chill vibe in my apt. I'm not sure where to go from here, but wanted to share my feedback with hopes that this helps out someone down the road.
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Re: Cubic Pulse 80 Gen 2 My Story & Feedback

Postby Cubic » 09 Feb 2017, 06:02


Really sorry to hear about these issues. It seems your tank arrived damaged and this caused a knock on effect causing you multiple problems. If there is any way we can help please let us know.

For the Sicce pump we use a thinker o-ring than the one that comes on the standard pump to prevent leaking. I would recommend swapping the o-ring from the pump that came with the tank with your new pump. If you don't currently have then then we can send you a new one.

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