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Polyps wanted in USA

PostPosted: 09 Jul 2012, 05:08
by travisthejellyfish
Hi I am looking for polyps of any species of jellyfish. I own the blog Raising Pet Jellyfish ( ... index.html) I like to expand the jellyfish I keep. I currently have Upside down jellyfish polyps and Moon Polyps (both warm water). I can buy or trade polyps to those who have polyps other than the species I already have. I will not accept cold water species either. Some polyps I would really enjoy are, Non lethal Box Jellyfish Polyps of any species, Cannonball jellyfish polyps, Mastigias papua polyps, Pelagia noctiluca polyps. Feel free to offer me polyps of other species as well. And again, I would also be happy to trade. My Upside down jellyfish polyps produce a beautiful blue jellyfish. :)

Re: Polyps wanted in USA

PostPosted: 19 Sep 2012, 15:20
by jellyfish concept
Hi Travis,

we are 2 french biologists specialized in jellies breeding, for the moment we don't sell polyps yet but we can sell you, if you're interested for your customers, a lot of moon jellies.

you can contact us on

See you