My jellyfish is not feeding well!!!

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My jellyfish is not feeding well!!!

Postby Dr. T » 24 Dec 2012, 20:33

I hear people saying this regularly and asking for an advice. Most people would think that this is caused by type or quality of feed. But this is not true. Less feeding response from jellyfish is generally caused by poor water condition. I would say jellyfish feed almost any food with right particle size (live artemia naups, frozen artemia naups, frozen copepods, seafood shake, freeze dried food etc.), as long as the water quality is in optimal range. Jellyfish respond quickly to worsening water quality. The initial symptoms you will see on jellyfish with worsening water quality are;

1. less pulsing
2. the bell getting flattened
3. shortening or losing feeding tentacles
4. less feed

When I say less feed here, you must be careful because sometimes jellyfish do catch food but spill out. You must see the feed get straight into their stomach within 10 mins of feeding if the water quality is right. The optimal water quality for moon jellies are;

pH 8.0-8.4
NH3 = 0.00
NO2 < 0.03ppm
NO3 < 10.0ppm

Please see water quality section (viewtopic.php?f=10&t=398) for more details.
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