Live Artemia Naulpii (baby Brine Shrimp)

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Live Artemia Naulpii (baby Brine Shrimp)

Postby Cubic » 08 Oct 2012, 12:56

Live Artemia naulpii (baby brine shrimp)

Size: 400 to 500 µm in length
Capture: Good
Digestion: Good
Nutrition: Good (when enriched)
Availability: Poor
Water pollution: Good

Artemia nauplii are by far the most commonly used food when it comes to captive breeding and husbandry of jellyfish. On their own they are not very nutritious but after enrichment (feeding the artemia various fatty substances) they become nutritious enough to sustain some species of jellyfish.

Bellow is the growth curve of Aurelia sp. (since ephyrae) normally seen in captivity when they were fed with enriched Artemia nauplii (2-3 times a day)

Growth curve Aurelia.jpg
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