Frozen cyclops

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Frozen cyclops

Postby Dr. T » 15 Oct 2012, 16:04

Frozen cyclops feeding trial (Aurelia aurita)

We conducted a simple frozen copepod feeding trial on moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita).

Aim: To see whether frozen copepod mono-diet feeding keeps moon jellyfish’s health and growth


Cultured juvenile jellyfish were kept for 8 weeks fed with frozen copepods, and their growth were measured
・ Jellyfish: Juvenile moon jellyfish 5-6 cm x 10 individuals
・ Experimental period: 8 weeks
・ Feeding: 3-5 grams of frozen copepod (Ocean Nutrition Cyclops) twice a day
・ Measurement: Bell diameter were measured every 7-10 days

Copepod trial Fig.1.jpg

・ Linear growth was observed in first 35 days
・ The growth plateaued after day 40 at bell diameter apx. 7cm
・ Three jellyfish became unavailable to measure (balled up, Fig. 2) in first 10 days
・ Another three jellyfish died by day 40
・ Out of 4 jellyfish survived at end of experiment, three jellyfish had their bell deformed (Fig. 3)
・ Moon jellies seemed to take longer time to digest frozen cyclops (food stayed in the stomach longer time) compared to live baby brine shrimp
Copepod trial Fig.2.png
Copepod trial Fig.2.png (201.83 KiB) Viewed 3608 times

Copepod trial Fig.3.png


・ Moon jellyfish take longer time to digest cyclops compared to live artemia nauplii (Moon jellyfish could have difficulties with absorbing nutrition from cyclops)
・ Cyclops is nutritionally insufficient for moon jellyfish to support their growth and health
・ Copepods are main food for moon jellyfish in wild. Feeding different copepods (or variation of copepods species) could result in totally different results.
・ Comparative experiments are needed to confirm the results (which is in preparation)

Appendix. 1
Ocean Nutrition Cyclops information

Appendix. 2
Water quality during experiment
Coming soon

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