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Postby LissWiss » 05 Jun 2017, 13:36


We've now been running our Orbit 20 for around 6 months, and we've had a lot of trouble with keeping the tank clean. After each feed we clean out any leftover food (dried), and every Sunday we carry out water change of around 3L, and sponge clean the inside of the tank. We also complete the less regular cleans required (sponge, pump etc). We're struggling however with maintaining nitrates and pH.

After the jellyfish took a sudden and rapid decline of health this week, we decided to complete a larger water change on a fellows advice, and strapped a sponge on to a flexi ruler and managed to give the outer compartment a good (but difficult) clean. This was only last night so we haven't seen any benefits of it as of yet. We've completed all the usual tests (Nitrates/Nitrites/pH/Salinity/Temperature) and the only two that are constantly popping up as problems are pH and Nitrates. Our pH is currently sitting at 7.8 and we've struggled to get it to that point even, and our Nitrates are at 160+ppm.

Are there any obvious problems that are popping out to any of you more experienced keepers? Or any solutions?
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