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Re: Chiller Advice

Postby kyleblythewhite » 12 Mar 2015, 18:35

novice question haha . . .

I have finally come to piping up my pulse 80 aquarium to the pump & chiller . . . and both the chiller "hailea chiller 100a" and pump "sicce syncra silent 0.5" have 13mm barbed tubing inlets & outlets . . . but can i heck for the life of me work out how to pipe into the pulse 80 . . .

im presuming you need to buy barbed inlets & outlets that screw into the aquarium instead of the dead ends that are currently attached, if so where can you purchase these from so i can use 13mm tubing throughout ? can you recommend any and supply a link as im fairly sure i wasn't supplied with any as standard for this aquarium . . .

thank you very much

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Re: Chiller Advice

Postby Cubic » 16 Mar 2015, 08:27

Hi Kyle

Are you sure you didn't have any barbed fittings in the box with the tank? They should have been in the bag along with the remote and instruction manual. If not then you can get some more from our agent in the UK who I believe you have already been in contact with in the past?

Alternatively you could just cut the end caps off the blanked pipes which you have there and connect directly on to those. You may have to heat the rubber hose up by dipping the ends in some boiling water which makes it softer and easier to get on. Make sure you use a hose clamp so there is no chance of the hose coming loose accidentally.
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