Black Filter Sponges

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Black Filter Sponges

Postby nemato » 26 Feb 2015, 20:42

Recently found a great deal on a used Pulse 80 and have everything setup well! Very excited to order some jellyfish. However, I'm wondering with the black filter sponges running vertical in the filter section, they seem to be leaking lots of black particles onto the base of the aquarium regardless how much I try to siphon this debris out. When adding more water to the filter section it slowly sprays out more of this filter material, and it's been a never ending cycle.

I'm wondering if this is an indication that these should be replaced before adding jellyfish to the aquarium or if this is completely normal to experience. Otherwise the temperature, salinity, and water quality all seem to be fine and I've been running the tank for the past week.

Thanks for the info! Excited to be a jellyfish owner soon!

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Re: Black Filter Sponges

Postby Cubic » 27 Feb 2015, 04:39

Hi Nate

The particles wont effect the jellies. If the sponges are old you can replace them but the carbon particles wont effect the jellyfish. You can order the sponges through one of the retailers on our retailers map or directly from our distributor Polyplab(dot)com

Glad to hear you are excited about the tank. Just let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
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