Cubic Lightstrip (operated via phone or SmartThings)

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Cubic Lightstrip (operated via phone or SmartThings)

Postby kyleblythewhite » 18 May 2015, 14:17

Hello all

Nice little hack here to show you, using a lighting module ive managed to hack the cubic light strip to be operated via mobile and integrated it with SmartThings & Hue, which means i can have certain rules in the house such a motion / doors opening / temperature etc trigger lighting commands to the aquarium . . .

I am now looking to work with Seneye to have their system trigger lighting moods based on the Seneye readings, for instance " OUT OF WATER " reading would send me a text via smartthings and then flash the tank light red so i know theirs an issue, or the same for an ammonia spike that is about to happen etc etc

Please Note: This will void your cubic lighting warranty.
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Re: Cubic Lightstrip (operated via phone or SmartThings)

Postby Cubic » 20 May 2015, 03:29

Very nice! This is something we would consider integrating into future models of our tanks.
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