Is this water fine ?

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Is this water fine ?

Postby lilo_ds » 22 Oct 2015, 13:26

Here in France they sometimes recommend to use botteled water such as "Volvic"
because they have very low minerality, are most of the time at a very good parameters etc.

what do you think of this :

NO3: 6.3
CA/mg: 1,5Ph: 7

How can I have a higher Ph ? Thank you

Source: ... e-227.html
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Re: Is this water fine ?

Postby Cubic » 23 Oct 2015, 06:37

Using bottled water like this if fine for topping up evaporation. Reverse osmosis water is better because when water evaporates it leaves minerals behind which build in the aquarium. With regular water changes (using salt water) this should not be too much of an issue.

The parameters you have linked to are for fresh water. You use fresh water to top up evaporation but for water changes you need to use marine salt (the type you buy from an aquarium shop) mixed with water until it reached 35 ppt.

It is important that synthetic salt water is mixed for 2-3 days before coming into contact with jellyfish.
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