Rattling pump sound

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Rattling pump sound

Postby Ashmaads18 » 02 May 2016, 21:54

Hi, I've had my orbit 20 set up for about 5 weeks now and it was perfectly silent until about 2 days ago it started making a bussing rattling sound. The only way I've found to get it to stop is to unplug the whole tank and then plug it back in. It stops for about 30 mins and starts rattling again. I've changed nothing within the last week so I have no idea what it could all of the sudden be. But it's driving me crazy. Any ideas on how to fix this? I could try to attach a video of the sound it's making if that would help. I saw another post about this with a picture but the picture is no longer available so I'm not sure what I need to do. Any help would be appreciated.
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