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Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Replacement

PostPosted: 17 Jul 2016, 10:33
by Slewrock
Hi All,

For some reason the lighting on the new Cubic 80 Gen 2 broke. Cubic was super helpful with providing a replacement via Polyplab, but I needed a temp solution until it arrived to keep my jellies out of the darkness.

I purchased a Philips Lightstrip Plus setup and an LED channel from a local lighting store to house them. After firing up the new Pulse 80 lights, I noticed that there were two awesome benefits:

1) You get true white light from these LEDs. It's really impressive.

2) The light output is significantly improved. These lights are super bright and what I had always been looking for.

3) I get to completely control it from my phone and customize it to turn on/off when I leave and every other customized seeing your can imagine.

Re: Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Replacement

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2016, 07:31
by Slewrock
I added a backlight and the tank looks super fresh.


Re: Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Replacement

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2016, 13:32
by Chris
Is the Philips Lightstrip Plus or the new Pulse light strip that you are saying provides the higher light output? Does the Philips Lightstrip fit into the spot in the Pulse where the lights go?

I have a Pulse running in a bright location and the lights that come standard with it aren't bright enough. They get drowned out by the bright ambient light. So, I am looking at alternatives to brighten up the aquarium.


Re: Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus Replacement

PostPosted: 11 Dec 2016, 10:33
by Slewrock
It's the Lightstrip Plus. Fits perfectly.

Here's a better quality photo. I'd be surprised if they don't include it in the next gen model. ... p=drivesdk