Urgent Help with Jellies.

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Urgent Help with Jellies.

Postby missjonesxox » 21 Jul 2017, 21:55

I have 4 Spotted Jellies which I have had for 2 weeks now and I am very worried, I think it is due to dirt in the tank but after doing lots of research I think it is the Nitrtrate level.

I have cleaned my tank 2 since I had it about 20% water change, I have a Cubic 20 and I feed them powder food once a day. I am finding potentially either the waste or the food is unreal, the amount of debris at the bottom of the tank and floating in the tank is severe.

I stubbed the tank base and syphoned the tank as best possible (using the syphon provided which was cheap, I have now purchased a good quality syphon) I found that debris left in the tank accumulated into little bulks, some of which was stuck in my jelly, I left it as I didn't want to mess about with the jelly so I cleaned around it using my new syphon and net. The following morning my jelly was just a bell, its whole body was missing, it is still alive it just has no tentacles, I put it down to the debris but wasn't 100% convinced as surely they have debris in the wild?

I came home 10 hours later and another jelly had lost its body and was just a bell, I saw that the body had debris stuck in it also.

I dont know if it is the dirt or the Nitrtrate and would be grateful for advise, I think it might be the Nitrtrate as I read it can cause the jellies to fall apart and the water will be murky. I have both of these I have been unable to get the water in the tank clean since I had it, I thought maybe it was the food so I have bought some live food now to test.

Advise is welcome!!
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