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Hi From New York City

Postby PatrickS » 13 Feb 2017, 06:29


I've just purchased and Orbit 20 gen2 aquarium. I am completely new to this and marine aquariums for that matter so I have a ton of newbie questions but the main one at this state in the setup is cycling. I looked over the manual and a lot of on-line videos on setup and this is what I did:
- I bought seawater ( Live Nutri Seawater) - the large gallon containers and enough to completely fill the tank and it is all properly balanced with the natural biosystem.
- I supplemented the bioballs (that came with the tank) with live rock rubble, that was dry when I bought it (so not sure if that made any difference).
- I added a Seachem Purigen pouch to the mix.
- I added some aeration to help speed the cycling process.

Now I don't know if I did this right or over did it but it's been 3 days and my ammonia is at .25ppml and my nitrate .10 and I know that should be zero.

What is the cycling process with the setup I've attempted?

Is there the same cycling process if you use bought and balanced seawater?

And then I have two more questions:

what do you recommend for an external heater and an external filter?



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